Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online shopping

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There are many arguments about online shopping. Is it good or bad? Is it useful or harmful? Is it easy or hard? In fact, there a lot of problems with internet shopping; for example credit card may be stolen. Also, there are a lot of benefits ether, so some people choose it and others do not. It depends on the person’s personality. On the other hand, we have two situation; you can do it or you can refuse to do it.

I think that online shopping is good because several things. It is good to save your time and money together, it easy to do it when you at home, and it has security in it.

First, if you are a busy person, you should try online shopping because it saves your important time with less cost. You can learn how to do it, and then you can save time. According to Robertson (2006) you can save time and money when you shop online because on the internet you have many deals and you can choose the best one. Also, when you go to one mall you cannot find everything you need because it is limited by the store they have, but in the Internet you can find what you need, so if you want to save time and money you should try it once. Also, online shopping makes you not wait to see your bill because you already see it online, so you do not need to worry about your bank account ( 2008).

Next, a lot of people now want something easy to do, so online shopping is easier than going to the mall because you do it at home. Ball (2008) illustrates that “It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (para. 1). As a result, comfortable life can be in your hand when you learn how to manage that from your home. I know a lot of men do not like to go shopping because it takes your rest time sometime. When you have a wife and she needs many thing from the mall, you can just open your computer and search for what she wants, so you can relax while she finds what she needs. When you do that you can feel more comfortable than when you take her to the mall.

Finally, if you want to process your shopping safely, you should be careful. In Ball (2008) he states, “In fact online shopping is quite safe, as long as you follow precautions” (para. 2). In addition, if you do not know how to use it, do not try it alone. It is not a shame to ask someone even if he/she younger than you. Also, (2008) says that if you use your mind, you have more security than if you do not use it. I think people should have more experiences to do that, because you cannot distinguish the safe ones from the unsafe ones. You should ask who know to complete your shop safely.

In conclusion, people who want a better life should try online shopping, because it reduces the time and the cost you spending in some store at the mall; it is easy when you learn it right, and you can make your operation safe if you think. So you should try it.


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