Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Language Learning

FE # 3
There are many ways to learn new languages to be a good speaker, reader, and listener. First, if you want to be a good speaker, you should not feel shy. The best way is to travel to the country, which you chose to learn their language, to practice your speaking skills. When you do that, you may make some mistake, but do not feel shy because those mistakes make you learn more and more. For example, I came here to the US to learn and practice speaking skills. Next, the best way to be a better reader is to read more every day. You should make it like a habit. One way to read every day is to buy a novel, but you can choose the topic you are interested in. Then, you can read it every day before you sleep, such as when you read in bed until you fall asleep. Finally, I think the listening part is the easiest way to learn if you live in the same country whose languages you want to learn. After a period of time you can notice the improvement in skills you have in the listening part. If you live in your country, you should listen to the radio in the language you want to learn many times a day. In conclusion, everyone can create a new way on learn because it depends to you. Maybe I like one way, but other people like another way.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Killer Whales and Researcher New Idea

According to McCarthy (2008) in his article, “killer Whales blamed for decline of Scottish seals” many researchers think that the killer whales, which are famous for eating many kinds of sea animals, are the main reason for making the numbers of Scottish seals decrease. First, he states that harbour seals quantity has fallen in Britain, but they do not know exactly why this has happened. According to the article, there are two kinds of British seals; one of them has population problem, but the other one does not. Next, he claims that even though there are many reasons that seals die and decrease, some researchers from Aberdeen University recommend killer whales (orcas) as the main reason. Third, the author says that the orcas are one brutal kind of dolphin and never eats people, but they eat sea lion at the shore. Then, he states there is relationship between when the seals die in the beach and when the killers have seen around the area. Also, some researchers know that killer whales eat every age of seals, so it is enough to drop numbers of seals down. He states that killer whales prey on many sea animals, such as sea lions, sea otter, elephant seals, and minke whales. After that, he mentions that this problem did not occur in the past, but it is happening now because the deteriorated population of the great whale before five decades ago by people. In conclusion, the author illustrates killer whale’s general description, such as weight, height, place, and so on.

It is good to have some researcher make some analyses about the seals’ problem, but I do not agree when they make the killer whales only responsible for that, because maybe they could find another sea animal does that; killer whales are a kind of dolphin, and there is a lack of equality about the number of killer whales and number of seals.

First, there are a lot of carnivorous animals in the sea, so why are only killer whales blamed by those researchers? Because not only killer whales feel hungry, but also all sea animals feel that too, we should find other animals who could have done that. We agree that orcas eat seals and other sea animals, but we cannot blame them because it is not enough evidence to do that. If they want to approve that, they should put a camera in the area that the problem occurs in. Also, they can reinforce that by an account of how many seals have been eaten by killer whales. Then, we can believe that.

Next, because killer whales are one of the dolphin family members, we cannot expect them to do that. We always know the dolphin as having cute, friendly, helpful, and beautiful characteristics. When we look of the killer whale appearance, we can notice their black and white color. We cannot believe these animals cause population problem for other animals. We can see a lot of footage in the YouTube web site that shows killer whale playing with some seals by his fluke, like a volleyball game, then return the seals to the beach safely.

Finally, we know that numbers of killer whales are decreasing and they may be extinct in a few years, but seals’ number is also declining. So that is contradictory, because if the numbers of orcas go down, we should anticipate stable numbers of seals deaths or an increase. It is clear to see the confusion here. Also, killer whales cannot eat more than what they want, so how can the numbers of seals decline? Who know?

In conclusion, it is not true that killer whales cause decline to seals animals because not just orcas live inside the sea, not from shark family member, and the quantity of seals has not remained constant. In fact, the researchers should rethink the problem.


McCarthy, M. (2008, April 14). Killer whales blamed for decline of Scottish seals. The Independent. p. 14. Retrieved October 20, 2008, from Lexis Nexis database.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marriage Ways

anna blog 2
It is really wonderful to have love, but not puppy love or summer love. I like the kind of love that ends by marriage because the real love only ends by marriage. I am married this years and I am happy. In fact, in my country there are many way to marriage that depends to family culture. First, traditional is the most common way. Traditional way when someone tells his mother, I want to married. Then, his mother search appropriate girl for her son as he describe to his mother. After that, if her mother fond a good girl for him, he can see and talk to the girl at the first time in the girl house with the girl’s father. Then, when both of them like each other at first immersion, he gives the girl ring as fiancĂ©. They can talk to the girl now every hour because they should know each other more and more. Also, to make the relationship strong at this time, but this point is important to identity if they want each other or not. If they really love each other, they can make engagement party (melkah). Also, this period of time is great to know everything about them life. After certain time they can make the wedding because they want that. Second, it is popular for both men and women to married because they meet at restaurant, mall, coffee shop or anywhere. When they meet anywhere they take each other numbers, then the man call the woman. Sometime this relationship ends unsuccessfully because the man target is not married the woman. So a lot of girl in my country do not like this way. Finally, the now language is computer because no one does not have computer at home, so many people in my country use this way. In conclusion, all this way depend to family culture and religious.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicago City

FE # 2
The city I want to talk about contains the highest building in United States (US), which was the highest building in world before ten years ago. This city is Chicago in Illinois State, which is one of the biggest cities in US. There are three reasons why I recommend my friends or classmates to go to Chicago. First, there are a lot of museums in Chicago, such as science museum, historical museum, and art museum. It is really great idea to see many new things in those museums. Next, if you can go to the Aquarium, it is very useful because you can see all kinds of sea animals, for example, turtle, fish, and so on. This is the interesting thing I recommend to my classmates this term to go to, because it is related to our research paper topic. Finally, they can go to Millennium park; it is really wonderful. You can see different chaps in this park. There is something their like a big mirror ball, you can take a good photo to yourself. In conclusion, you should visit this city if you have not yet because you can see many museums, you can find your sea animals in the aquarium and you can have fun in Millennium Park. So , you should try to go there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Animals can Survive by Themselves

According to Hirsch (2005) in his article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming’” global warming causes animals to have unusual migration in the entire world, so many kinds of animal may became extinct in this generation. First of all, he states that some animals changed them direction because of global warming. Next, he states that the environmental specialists know that some animals before now changed their plan about moving from one place to another. According to the article, chiff-chaffs are remaining in the UK throughout the year rather than migrating south. Also, he says that not all animals have the ability to adapt to the situation. For example, the temperature changes in the sea have caused damage to some fish food inside the water. Third, he points out other threats that led to climate change, such as deteriorating breeding, destroyed beaches, extinction of the male turtle, and destroyed wetland. In conclusion the author states that there are not many options to go for animals, so they might die from hunger.

It is not true that some kinds of animals are going to die because sea temperature changes, climate changes and there are few foods. It is true that some kinds of animals are going to extinction, but the reason is not what the author says. They die naturally from sickness.

First, people know the global warming affect in the polar bear, but not in the ocean. That means only the animals that live like polar pear in danger, but others animals that live in the ocean are not impacted from temperature change. For example, if some kind of fish lives in some level in the ocean, it is possible to change their level in the water to the appropriate temperature they want. Because every level in the water has its own temperature, the fish can move from one level to another one as it is good for them. However, some kinds of fish cannot do that because it hard to live in a level that is deeper than the one it regularly lives in.

Second, climate changes do not affect birds’ lives, but it helps them breeding. The birds change their places regularly because they like the nice weather and search for what they want to eat. They always migrate to eat, to survive, and to live. For instance, when the birds live in a place and the climate changes, they can travel to another place more comfortable for their life. In fact, birds enjoy moving from one place to another to renew their activity in a different area. Sometimes the birds fly to another place because of the cold weather.

Finally, if the animals want to survive, they should be strong. Eat first before someone ate you, is an important theory in animals’ live. no one dies from starvation because animals can find the food everywhere. Everything in life depends on another thing. For example, plants depend on water coming when it rains to grow up and some insects depend on eating these plants. Also, animals eat some insects or other animals. Moreover, people eat some animals to live and some people eat each other to survive sometimes because of the poverty problem, all things living in the world such as plants, animals, and humans should be strong.
In conclusion, animals can adopt themselves to different water temperature, different weather change, and different kind of food. In addition, animals can live with global warming’s effects because they can adapt to new situations, so the problem is that some kinds of animals may die because of personal issues.


Hirsch, T. (2005, October 5). Animals ‘hit by global warming’. BBC News. Retrieved October 15, 2008, from

Friday, October 17, 2008

Difference between Carbondale and Jeddah

FE # 1

There are many differences between Carbondale in the United States and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. In fact, there are big differences between both of them, such as quantity of people, the weather, the area, the name and distance, First, the people who live in Jeddah are more than five million people, but in Carbondale it about 30,000 people. Second, the weather is very different because in Jeddah it is mostly hot and humid, but in Carbondale people can notice the different four seasons. We can see the beautiful weather. Third, the area is also different because Jeddah has the Red Sea. In contrast, Carbondale does not have a sea. Next, Jeddah has a special name in Arabic that mean in English” the groom of the Red Sea” , but Carbondale does not have meaning. Finally, Jeddah is a huge city if we compare it with Carbondale, because Jeddah is bigger than Carbondale by about ten times. In conclusion, both of them are good and I spend a great time in them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

School class in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia we have public schools and privet schools. Each of them has different and similarity. In public schools students enrol to school free, but in privet schools students should pay to enrol. Actually, we fallow Arabic calendar, which have 12 months, in my country. In school we have two long semesters every one four months. The first semester start between first four months in Arabic calendar and the second one start after about one month after first semester finish. In fact in my country we have three vacations in the year eid al-fitr, eid al-hajj, and national day. In eid al-fitr the vacation about five to six days, in eid al-hajj the vacation about one to two weeks, and in national day is only one day. In my country we have traditional clothes called “thob”. In public school students wear this clothes which is wheat and one piece (see pitchers) like a uniform. In contrast, in privets schools some schools have their own uniform, but the others student wear what they want. When I was in school I stay in my class and the teacher come to our class, but in my city I know three schools they try to be development schools. In this kind of school students go to the teachers’ class. We have a lot of differences between United State and my country. First, the number of student in class in Saudi Arabia is about 25 to 30, but in U.S. the number of student in class is about 15 to 20. It is better in U.S. because the student can understand very well with fewer students in class. Next, in my country you cannot speak to your teachers as a friend. For example, you cannot ask your teacher by his/her name, you should say teacher or sir before say his/her name. In U.S. it’s different. Third, in my country we do not mix boy and girl class each of them should be in school alone. For instance, all boys in one school and all girls in one school they are not mix in one school because religious reason. Finally, in boy school the teacher only man and in girl school the teacher only women. In conclusion, it is great experience for me to study here.