Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arabic Coffee

In Saudi Arabia a lot of people like coffee and tea. In my country we have traditional habit when any gust came to our home. First, you should have Arabic Coffee ready when the guests arrive in Dalla something made by metal to keep the coffee hot on it (see the picture). Also, when the gust set in your gust room, you should pour Arabic coffee directly to them. The man who pours the coffee to the gust should not set down until the gust finish the Fenjal- is small cup spatially for Arabic coffee (see the picture). If the gusts want more, we should supply them until chick her/his hand with the fenjan (that mean he/she does not want any more). We served it with dates or candy because the coffee is not sweet. The funny thing there is custom old people still fallow it which is you have to pour half of the fenjan. If you fill all the fenjan, they might make them angry. If you do it, the gust will not drink it. Also, you should hold the dalla with your left hand and the other hold the fenjal. If you do not do that that mean you are not polite. One day that happens to me when I pour to gust in our home. My father stare to me, but I did not understand him. Suddenly I remember I am doing the wrong way, so I switch between dalla and fenjal in harry to fix my mistake a front of them. That makes me loss my control on dalla and it fall down on the floor. Then, I feel shay about what I did. In fact, I like coffee very much because that makes me focus if I want to study.

Friday, September 19, 2008

We do not Have Saudi Movie Industry

In Saudi Arabia there is no movie industry. In fact, we do not have any theater or cinema in my country. If Saudi people want to watch movie, they go to another country near to us or buy DVD to see it at home like home cinema. Because this problem it is popular to copy the movie in CD and sale it with small amount of money. For example, People who live in Damam city which is in the east of the kingdom go to Bahrain to watch new movie. I know this is strange to you, but this is the truth. Because this satiation people in Saudi Arabia prefer national movie. I think they like American movie very much. Also, they like Egyptians movie because it is very fun. I like action movie a lot. Two friends of my country and I used to go to theater every weekend period of time in Carbondale. Know my favorite movie is Dark Knight. I watch it her in Carbondale in University mall. Really I admire the action on the film. It is so nice. I think now it is the noumber one in yahoo user.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Classic music

My favourite music is classic music. There are many reason make me like classic music: it makes me relax, focus, and feel quite. It makes me relax when I feel tired. When I want to focus to something, I like to listen to some classic music. Also, I am quit man and listening to classic music make me feel more comfortable. In fact, when I hear this type of music, I remember a good time in my life. For example, Beethoven song is one of my favourite songs I remember my wadding when I hear it. I put it at the beginning of my wadding songs so that if I hear any time this music that makes me happy. First time I hear this music when my old brother opens it in his car. After that, I asked him about it and he told me some information about it. Finally, if you do not know about Beethoven, You should try it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My favorite food is Maasoob because I like it very much. Maasoob is a traditional food in Saudi Arabia. When I eat Maasoob, I remember all my co-worker because we eat it in the morning. Maasoob kind of dessert, but it is not dessert. It is sweet because it contains bread, dates, banana, cream, honey, and cheese. This kind of food is easy to make. First, cut the special bread to small paces and banana also. Second, we should mashed up the bread, dates, and banana together . After that, we can add the cream and honey above of it. Be careful when you eat maasoob because it may make you fat. One dish is enough for three persons because if you eat just three spoon pit, I think you feel full. I really miss wait in queue my turn. Actually I try to make it her in U.S., but it does not the seam test.I think this food not look good, but it is very delicious food.