Saturday, November 22, 2008

Occur and reminder

Anna's Jernal # 6

I have a good memory because any event in my life I related to something. I think it is interesting to do that because when you hear, see, or say something, then you remember old event. Sometime it is good and sometime it is bad, that depend on the situation, so some people like to remember the nice thing only, but some people they memorize both good and bad thing because they have ability to do that. I am the person who tries to memorize the good thing only, but some time I remember the bad time too. In fact, the most thing make me rethink of something happen at long time is music. When I listen to old music, I remember all events that happen to me in this period of time. Also, sometime I connect one music to one event, so when I hear it, I retain information. For example, five years ago I liked to hear one music, which is Arabic music, in the morning and I like it very much. Someday when I have job interview, I listen to this music many time, so if I hear it now I remember this interview. Other thing makes me remind some event is when I see picture, we have same of it in some day so that when I see it again after many years, I remember all things related to this picture. Next, when I hear some word, but it strange to hear it now. In this kind I remember the person who always says this word. Sometime there are a lot of person say it. I remember the person who is close to me first. Finally, I have a bad memory when I see some of my relative play with me video game because that make me remember my grandfather death. Because when I reserved my grandfather death from my aunt’s mouth, we were play video game. In conclusion, it is exciting to remember some event. The remarkable of that is to not forget your life occasion. Feel free to connect some of your life occur to remember it.

Difference between US and Saudi Arabia in food

FE # 7

I think the food between those countries is very different. I see the US people like the fast food more than another kind of food. In the US they like steak, but in Saudi Arabia people like to eat meat with rice, such as kabsah, mathlotha, mandy. And araby. I think both of US and Saudi foods are unhealthy because they contain a lot of fat. I like to see the US and Saudi Arabian people eat more salads than other stuff. In fact, the spices are different also because I am suffering here to find some kind of spice. Also when I find it, it is very expensive. The interesting thing is that a lot of restaurants in my country are from the US, such as Applebee’s , McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. The problem is that many children in Saudi Arabia like those kinds of restaurants, which are unhealthy for them. Finally, the traditional Arabic food is very difficult to make, so here sometimes I want to make some but I cannot. I think I should have learned how to do it before I came here to the US. In conclusion, both countries have good food, but it depends on what you are used to eating and on your personality of eating.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My favorite dish

FE # 6

My favorite food is Maasoob because I like it very much. Maasoob is a traditional food in Saudi Arabia. When I eat Maasoob, I remember all my co-workers because we eat it in the morning at the work. Maasoob is a kind of dessert, but it is not dessert because in my country we eat it as a breakfast. It is sweet because it contains bread, dates, banana, cream, honey, and cheese. This kind of food is easy to make, but it is not easy for people who eat it to move, so be careful. First, cut the special bread, which is made of wheat, to small pieces and also cut the banana of very small pieces. Second, we should mash up the bread, dates, and banana together. After that, we can add the cream and honey on top of it. Be careful when you eat Maasoob, because it may make you fat. One dish is enough for three people because if you eat just three spoons pit of it, I think you feel full, but because it is very tasty; you cannot stop eating it. I really miss waiting my turn in line in my country when I order some Maasoob from the famous restaurant. Actually I try to make it here in the U.S., but it does not have the same taste. I think this food does not look good when you see it, but it is very delicious food when you try to eat it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lonely Life your Choice

Anna's Jernal # 5

People who want to be alone for different thing should notice if it good for him or not. There are many advantages and disadvantages about spending time alone. I think it is depend to people personality. I do not think it is depending to our culture because in same culture we can find both who like to be alone and who like to be with company. First, there are several advantages to spend time alone, such as you can focus, you can be quit, and you can work a long time. For example, I cannot focus of anything if I am with many people because I like to work with no noise. I feel that if I am in quit place, I can devote all my time on focusing and I have long free time. When I stay alone, I feel that I have a long time to do many things, such as doing my homework, reading my book, thinking of anything. Second, there are several disadvantage of being alone, such as you miss the group dissection, you miss the group fun, and you miss group activity. There are many people cannot stay alone even though they stay alone because they do not find company. I am here in US stay alone between five to seven hour a day after I finch CESL classes. This happen during the week, but in the weekend I spend a lot of time with my friends. For my situation I think I do the wrong thing because I should communicate with the people during the week to improve my English speaking. I think if someone want to be alone, that depend on the situation you are live with. For instance, if it useful to you to be with people rather than to be alone, I recommend to be with group. On the other hand, if it does not matter to you, you can do what you see better for you. For me I prefer to be alone, but my circumstances make me change my habit. In conclusion, everyone had different condition, so to be alone it is your choice, but do not make that impact your life bad.

Monday, November 10, 2008


FE # 5

This the first time has seen an election in my life. Actually, I am very impressed about what I saw on the fourth of November 2008. I really like the way both Obama and McCain sway voters. I think Obama is more useful than McCain because he has more tolerance than McCain. In fact, I am surprised about many things about Obama’s win. First, Obama many years ago was a regular man who grew up in Indonesia, and his father was from Kenya. He is example of aspiring person who reached the top of the world very fast. Second, he is the first African American to win an election. It is very interesting to see that, because the truth is anyone should be able to win not only Republicans. Finally, the age gap between the candidates makes me shocked. It is wonderful to go to The White House and you are less than fifty years old. In conclusion, the exciting thing is the right man in the right place at the right time wins this election to make United States appear in the correct way.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mster Degree or Job Lose

Anna's Jernal # 4

My dream now is to complete my education in United States, but I fear that no university accept me because in my major MBA there are a lot of requirement such as, GPA, GMAT, TOEFL, and work experience. I aspire to not only complete my Master degree but also PhD. I have scholarship from my country to learn English and Master. I have only one year and six month to get unconditional acceptance from any university in US. If I do not get admission from any university, maybe I lose my scholarship. The fear increase when the time is passing. I am here in US since March, 2008; I am in EAP2 in CESL until now I did not get appropriate score in TOEFL and GMAT. In fact, the big problem for me is I should choose between my dream or my work. I do not know which one. I am work for Saudi Electricity Company, which is one of the important companies in Saudi Arabia, give years and I am in vacation without salary for one year. I will come back to my country in December, 2008 for vacation. After that I will return back to my work in the same time I want to study GMAT. If I get unconditional acceptance from US, I can request another long vacation from my company, but if I did not have unconditional acceptance, I cannot quit from my company because it is the only supply I have if I lose it I am no money. Really I am very stressful this time because GMAT, TOEFUL, and also EAP2. I hop me fear disappear and I fallow my dream as you say. I believe that when someone has a lot of stress, he/she can get advantage to focus more and more. I hope I get acceptable before I go back to my country the end of this year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Soccer In USA

FE # 4

Soccer is my favorite sport, so the first thing I did when I came here to the US is find out where I would I play. I really enjoy playing soccer in the US because they have many nice fields, they have many players with different nationalities, and we can play without a referee. First, in my country we do not have grass fields free because we should pay to play on them, but in the US I am surprised because we have more than ten grass fields in Carbondale. In my country almost all the fields are sand, and they get muddy when it rains. Also, if we want to play on a grass field, we should rent the field for two hours to play and that is very expensive for us, because we play twice a week. Next, I enjoy playing with people from many different countries, because every country has a special background in playing soccer. For example, I know someone he does not move on the field a lot, but he passes the ball wonderfully. I admire his way of playing soccer. Finally, I had a strange feeling when I played the first time because there was no referee on the field. In my country we should have a referee, because there are many problem that happen, such as offside problem. In US everyone is referee on the field, which means if someone makes a soccer mistake, he should tell us honestly. In conclusion, I like the way they play here because it is easier than in my country.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Group of Killer Whales does not Leave Aimlessly

S/R # 2

In FOX’s (2008) article, “7 Puget Sound Killer Whales Missing, Presumed Dead,” it discusses why seven of the killer whales that live in Puget Sound have disappeared by taking different scientists’ opinions. First, the article tells us if the seven orcas really died, that means a strong decrease is happening in orcas’ population. The scientist Balcomb compares that with US financial problems, because the number of killer whales is 83 now. Also, he states that one of the seven orcas is male, which is from one group, but two of them are young females. Then, he says that this uncommon disappearance of orcas at one time led to salmon decline. Next, the article illustrates that there are three kinds of pods living in this area, J, K, and L, which have special characteristics, such as unusual sound, eating salmon only, and unbelievable show and have ascended and descended in population. Also, another man called Garrett mentioned the same thing as Balcomb said about the salmon problem. Later on the biologist Hanson says maybe they have travelled to other places searching for food, but it is an uncommon thing to lose two young female at the same time. One of them is Luna’s mother, and Luna died in 2006 because a blade on a boat hit her when they made her move to another area, but another one is Luna’s brother. Finally, he states that maybe the number of orcas will increase if new baby is born or maybe they will appear somewhere else, but Balcomb believes they are dead.

I think they are still alive, but they have gone to another place because they want to find Luna; they want to change their habitat to another place, and they want to make a balance among the foods of the area.

First, we know that Luna’s mother and Luna’s brother are from the seven killer whales that disappeared in the Puget Sound area, so they may have gone to find Luna. The problem here started when Lone separated from her pods, because orcas like to be together as family, but when they separate, they may die or meet each other again. In fact, that is an exaggerated idea, but maybe that is the real story. Luna’s mother does the impossible thing to convince the rest of them to do that with her because that might threaten their lives.

Next, I believe that killer whales do not recommended for captivity, because they like to amuse people by themselves in the sea, not in the pool. Killer whales are a kind of animals; they love freedom because they love to do what they want, such as playing with other animals, going to another place, and jumping out of the water to make people glance at them. They do this entire thing to allure people to see their performance. For example, we can see killer whales attack a trainer because they want to do what they want not what the trainer want.

Finally, these animals know there are some areas that are over their carrying capacity, so they will die if they do not leave the area. Actually, when they leave some area, they help themselves and help other orcas that are still in the same part. Because the foods are not enough for all of them, they suggest finding a different place rather than staying then dying. They do the right thing when they are moveing. We should respect the killer whales, because they are intelligent animals. They are remarkable animals and I admire everything they do. If I could talk to them, I would to encourage them to do what they did.

In conclusion, the seven killer whales are not dead, because they went to search for Luna, they feel happy with freedom, and they think the Puget Sound area has overpopulation. Those sea animals know how to survive, because if they not, maybe now they would be extinct.


Fox (2008, October 27). 7 Puget Sound Killer Whales Missing, Presumed Dead. Retrieved October 28, 2008, from,2933,444011,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/naturalscience

No Halloween in Saudi Arabia

Anna jurnal 3

There are many celebration day in United States, but in Saudi Arabia we just have two celebration day in the years. We have one at the end of Ramadan and another one after that for about three month. Actually, we do not have dead celebration, but we have similar habit like what American do in Halloween, such as dress up new clothes and get candy. First celebration happens after Ramadan finch and predestines for five days. We celebrate that day after one month of fasting. This celebration day called Eid Al-Fiter that mean in Arabic breakfast celebration. In Ramadan we do not eat in the morning, but in this Eid we should eat in the morning. In those five days every family goes to visit their relative. Also, they have wonderful habits that give children and young money especially from your close relative, such as your uncles. In fact, many children and I am one of them wait this Eid to collect the money and save it until we have enough money to buy what weI want. We hate that when we grow up many of our family stop gives us money. Many children hope they do not grow up to take every years money from their family. But in this Eid we do not have candy corn like in Halloween; we have many kind of candy. Second one called Eid al-Haaj many people in my country call it meat days because we eat meat in this celebration. In this day every family at least they Slaughter one sheep. Then, they divided the meat to three part one for the home, one for your relative, and the last one for poor people. It is really great idea to do this, I hope every country do that to reduce the poverty. In conclusion, we have only two celebrations, but every family involve on it. They wait for it one year to do traditional habit. In US not everyone celebrate Halloween I do not know why.