Sunday, September 7, 2008


My favorite food is Maasoob because I like it very much. Maasoob is a traditional food in Saudi Arabia. When I eat Maasoob, I remember all my co-worker because we eat it in the morning. Maasoob kind of dessert, but it is not dessert. It is sweet because it contains bread, dates, banana, cream, honey, and cheese. This kind of food is easy to make. First, cut the special bread to small paces and banana also. Second, we should mashed up the bread, dates, and banana together . After that, we can add the cream and honey above of it. Be careful when you eat maasoob because it may make you fat. One dish is enough for three persons because if you eat just three spoon pit, I think you feel full. I really miss wait in queue my turn. Actually I try to make it her in U.S., but it does not the seam test.I think this food not look good, but it is very delicious food.


Anna said...

It sounds good...well expect for the banana. I must confess that I hate bananas. I am convinced anyone with my names does too.
Maybe someday I'll get a chance to try it, so long as it doesn't have a banana in it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, finally you have shared its photo, its great food. Love it