Friday, September 19, 2008

We do not Have Saudi Movie Industry

In Saudi Arabia there is no movie industry. In fact, we do not have any theater or cinema in my country. If Saudi people want to watch movie, they go to another country near to us or buy DVD to see it at home like home cinema. Because this problem it is popular to copy the movie in CD and sale it with small amount of money. For example, People who live in Damam city which is in the east of the kingdom go to Bahrain to watch new movie. I know this is strange to you, but this is the truth. Because this satiation people in Saudi Arabia prefer national movie. I think they like American movie very much. Also, they like Egyptians movie because it is very fun. I like action movie a lot. Two friends of my country and I used to go to theater every weekend period of time in Carbondale. Know my favorite movie is Dark Knight. I watch it her in Carbondale in University mall. Really I admire the action on the film. It is so nice. I think now it is the noumber one in yahoo user.

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Anna said...

I want to see The Dark Knight too.
It is strange to think that there is no movie industry in your country. That isn't a horrible thing though. I would love to see an Egyptian movie someday.