Sunday, September 14, 2008

Classic music

My favourite music is classic music. There are many reason make me like classic music: it makes me relax, focus, and feel quite. It makes me relax when I feel tired. When I want to focus to something, I like to listen to some classic music. Also, I am quit man and listening to classic music make me feel more comfortable. In fact, when I hear this type of music, I remember a good time in my life. For example, Beethoven song is one of my favourite songs I remember my wadding when I hear it. I put it at the beginning of my wadding songs so that if I hear any time this music that makes me happy. First time I hear this music when my old brother opens it in his car. After that, I asked him about it and he told me some information about it. Finally, if you do not know about Beethoven, You should try it.

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Anna said...

I love classical too. Beethoven is an amazing composer but for background I like Mozart better. He is a lot more light.
Classical is good to listen to when one wants to be focused.