Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arabic Coffee

In Saudi Arabia a lot of people like coffee and tea. In my country we have traditional habit when any gust came to our home. First, you should have Arabic Coffee ready when the guests arrive in Dalla something made by metal to keep the coffee hot on it (see the picture). Also, when the gust set in your gust room, you should pour Arabic coffee directly to them. The man who pours the coffee to the gust should not set down until the gust finish the Fenjal- is small cup spatially for Arabic coffee (see the picture). If the gusts want more, we should supply them until chick her/his hand with the fenjan (that mean he/she does not want any more). We served it with dates or candy because the coffee is not sweet. The funny thing there is custom old people still fallow it which is you have to pour half of the fenjan. If you fill all the fenjan, they might make them angry. If you do it, the gust will not drink it. Also, you should hold the dalla with your left hand and the other hold the fenjal. If you do not do that that mean you are not polite. One day that happens to me when I pour to gust in our home. My father stare to me, but I did not understand him. Suddenly I remember I am doing the wrong way, so I switch between dalla and fenjal in harry to fix my mistake a front of them. That makes me loss my control on dalla and it fall down on the floor. Then, I feel shay about what I did. In fact, I like coffee very much because that makes me focus if I want to study.


Anna said...

That is really interesting. I didn't know there could be so many complicated steps to coffee drinking.

faloii^_^ said...

Wow~ It's impressive ^_^ Next time, will you invite me to your home?
The traditional coffee was goooood~