Sunday, October 5, 2008

School class in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia we have public schools and privet schools. Each of them has different and similarity. In public schools students enrol to school free, but in privet schools students should pay to enrol. Actually, we fallow Arabic calendar, which have 12 months, in my country. In school we have two long semesters every one four months. The first semester start between first four months in Arabic calendar and the second one start after about one month after first semester finish. In fact in my country we have three vacations in the year eid al-fitr, eid al-hajj, and national day. In eid al-fitr the vacation about five to six days, in eid al-hajj the vacation about one to two weeks, and in national day is only one day. In my country we have traditional clothes called “thob”. In public school students wear this clothes which is wheat and one piece (see pitchers) like a uniform. In contrast, in privets schools some schools have their own uniform, but the others student wear what they want. When I was in school I stay in my class and the teacher come to our class, but in my city I know three schools they try to be development schools. In this kind of school students go to the teachers’ class. We have a lot of differences between United State and my country. First, the number of student in class in Saudi Arabia is about 25 to 30, but in U.S. the number of student in class is about 15 to 20. It is better in U.S. because the student can understand very well with fewer students in class. Next, in my country you cannot speak to your teachers as a friend. For example, you cannot ask your teacher by his/her name, you should say teacher or sir before say his/her name. In U.S. it’s different. Third, in my country we do not mix boy and girl class each of them should be in school alone. For instance, all boys in one school and all girls in one school they are not mix in one school because religious reason. Finally, in boy school the teacher only man and in girl school the teacher only women. In conclusion, it is great experience for me to study here.

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Anna said...

I like the saudi traditional outfit for men so it's cute that all of the little high school boys have to wear it! (I know that was such a woman thing to say, oh well).
It was very interesting to read your blogs this term. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say as an EAP2 student.