Friday, October 17, 2008

Difference between Carbondale and Jeddah

FE # 1

There are many differences between Carbondale in the United States and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. In fact, there are big differences between both of them, such as quantity of people, the weather, the area, the name and distance, First, the people who live in Jeddah are more than five million people, but in Carbondale it about 30,000 people. Second, the weather is very different because in Jeddah it is mostly hot and humid, but in Carbondale people can notice the different four seasons. We can see the beautiful weather. Third, the area is also different because Jeddah has the Red Sea. In contrast, Carbondale does not have a sea. Next, Jeddah has a special name in Arabic that mean in English” the groom of the Red Sea” , but Carbondale does not have meaning. Finally, Jeddah is a huge city if we compare it with Carbondale, because Jeddah is bigger than Carbondale by about ten times. In conclusion, both of them are good and I spend a great time in them.

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