Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marriage Ways

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It is really wonderful to have love, but not puppy love or summer love. I like the kind of love that ends by marriage because the real love only ends by marriage. I am married this years and I am happy. In fact, in my country there are many way to marriage that depends to family culture. First, traditional is the most common way. Traditional way when someone tells his mother, I want to married. Then, his mother search appropriate girl for her son as he describe to his mother. After that, if her mother fond a good girl for him, he can see and talk to the girl at the first time in the girl house with the girl’s father. Then, when both of them like each other at first immersion, he gives the girl ring as fiancĂ©. They can talk to the girl now every hour because they should know each other more and more. Also, to make the relationship strong at this time, but this point is important to identity if they want each other or not. If they really love each other, they can make engagement party (melkah). Also, this period of time is great to know everything about them life. After certain time they can make the wedding because they want that. Second, it is popular for both men and women to married because they meet at restaurant, mall, coffee shop or anywhere. When they meet anywhere they take each other numbers, then the man call the woman. Sometime this relationship ends unsuccessfully because the man target is not married the woman. So a lot of girl in my country do not like this way. Finally, the now language is computer because no one does not have computer at home, so many people in my country use this way. In conclusion, all this way depend to family culture and religious.

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Anna said...

I'm very happy for you and your marriage and I agree that true love does end in marriage.