Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Animals can Survive by Themselves

According to Hirsch (2005) in his article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming’” global warming causes animals to have unusual migration in the entire world, so many kinds of animal may became extinct in this generation. First of all, he states that some animals changed them direction because of global warming. Next, he states that the environmental specialists know that some animals before now changed their plan about moving from one place to another. According to the article, chiff-chaffs are remaining in the UK throughout the year rather than migrating south. Also, he says that not all animals have the ability to adapt to the situation. For example, the temperature changes in the sea have caused damage to some fish food inside the water. Third, he points out other threats that led to climate change, such as deteriorating breeding, destroyed beaches, extinction of the male turtle, and destroyed wetland. In conclusion the author states that there are not many options to go for animals, so they might die from hunger.

It is not true that some kinds of animals are going to die because sea temperature changes, climate changes and there are few foods. It is true that some kinds of animals are going to extinction, but the reason is not what the author says. They die naturally from sickness.

First, people know the global warming affect in the polar bear, but not in the ocean. That means only the animals that live like polar pear in danger, but others animals that live in the ocean are not impacted from temperature change. For example, if some kind of fish lives in some level in the ocean, it is possible to change their level in the water to the appropriate temperature they want. Because every level in the water has its own temperature, the fish can move from one level to another one as it is good for them. However, some kinds of fish cannot do that because it hard to live in a level that is deeper than the one it regularly lives in.

Second, climate changes do not affect birds’ lives, but it helps them breeding. The birds change their places regularly because they like the nice weather and search for what they want to eat. They always migrate to eat, to survive, and to live. For instance, when the birds live in a place and the climate changes, they can travel to another place more comfortable for their life. In fact, birds enjoy moving from one place to another to renew their activity in a different area. Sometimes the birds fly to another place because of the cold weather.

Finally, if the animals want to survive, they should be strong. Eat first before someone ate you, is an important theory in animals’ live. no one dies from starvation because animals can find the food everywhere. Everything in life depends on another thing. For example, plants depend on water coming when it rains to grow up and some insects depend on eating these plants. Also, animals eat some insects or other animals. Moreover, people eat some animals to live and some people eat each other to survive sometimes because of the poverty problem, all things living in the world such as plants, animals, and humans should be strong.
In conclusion, animals can adopt themselves to different water temperature, different weather change, and different kind of food. In addition, animals can live with global warming’s effects because they can adapt to new situations, so the problem is that some kinds of animals may die because of personal issues.


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