Monday, November 3, 2008

Soccer In USA

FE # 4

Soccer is my favorite sport, so the first thing I did when I came here to the US is find out where I would I play. I really enjoy playing soccer in the US because they have many nice fields, they have many players with different nationalities, and we can play without a referee. First, in my country we do not have grass fields free because we should pay to play on them, but in the US I am surprised because we have more than ten grass fields in Carbondale. In my country almost all the fields are sand, and they get muddy when it rains. Also, if we want to play on a grass field, we should rent the field for two hours to play and that is very expensive for us, because we play twice a week. Next, I enjoy playing with people from many different countries, because every country has a special background in playing soccer. For example, I know someone he does not move on the field a lot, but he passes the ball wonderfully. I admire his way of playing soccer. Finally, I had a strange feeling when I played the first time because there was no referee on the field. In my country we should have a referee, because there are many problem that happen, such as offside problem. In US everyone is referee on the field, which means if someone makes a soccer mistake, he should tell us honestly. In conclusion, I like the way they play here because it is easier than in my country.

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