Friday, November 7, 2008

Mster Degree or Job Lose

Anna's Jernal # 4

My dream now is to complete my education in United States, but I fear that no university accept me because in my major MBA there are a lot of requirement such as, GPA, GMAT, TOEFL, and work experience. I aspire to not only complete my Master degree but also PhD. I have scholarship from my country to learn English and Master. I have only one year and six month to get unconditional acceptance from any university in US. If I do not get admission from any university, maybe I lose my scholarship. The fear increase when the time is passing. I am here in US since March, 2008; I am in EAP2 in CESL until now I did not get appropriate score in TOEFL and GMAT. In fact, the big problem for me is I should choose between my dream or my work. I do not know which one. I am work for Saudi Electricity Company, which is one of the important companies in Saudi Arabia, give years and I am in vacation without salary for one year. I will come back to my country in December, 2008 for vacation. After that I will return back to my work in the same time I want to study GMAT. If I get unconditional acceptance from US, I can request another long vacation from my company, but if I did not have unconditional acceptance, I cannot quit from my company because it is the only supply I have if I lose it I am no money. Really I am very stressful this time because GMAT, TOEFUL, and also EAP2. I hop me fear disappear and I fallow my dream as you say. I believe that when someone has a lot of stress, he/she can get advantage to focus more and more. I hope I get acceptable before I go back to my country the end of this year.

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Anna said...

I'm sure that you are more than capable of making the dream come true. There are many universities in the united states so I'm certain that you should be able to find one to accept you. If you don't care where you go, then I'm sure your dream will come true.