Saturday, November 22, 2008

Occur and reminder

Anna's Jernal # 6

I have a good memory because any event in my life I related to something. I think it is interesting to do that because when you hear, see, or say something, then you remember old event. Sometime it is good and sometime it is bad, that depend on the situation, so some people like to remember the nice thing only, but some people they memorize both good and bad thing because they have ability to do that. I am the person who tries to memorize the good thing only, but some time I remember the bad time too. In fact, the most thing make me rethink of something happen at long time is music. When I listen to old music, I remember all events that happen to me in this period of time. Also, sometime I connect one music to one event, so when I hear it, I retain information. For example, five years ago I liked to hear one music, which is Arabic music, in the morning and I like it very much. Someday when I have job interview, I listen to this music many time, so if I hear it now I remember this interview. Other thing makes me remind some event is when I see picture, we have same of it in some day so that when I see it again after many years, I remember all things related to this picture. Next, when I hear some word, but it strange to hear it now. In this kind I remember the person who always says this word. Sometime there are a lot of person say it. I remember the person who is close to me first. Finally, I have a bad memory when I see some of my relative play with me video game because that make me remember my grandfather death. Because when I reserved my grandfather death from my aunt’s mouth, we were play video game. In conclusion, it is exciting to remember some event. The remarkable of that is to not forget your life occasion. Feel free to connect some of your life occur to remember it.

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