Sunday, November 2, 2008

No Halloween in Saudi Arabia

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There are many celebration day in United States, but in Saudi Arabia we just have two celebration day in the years. We have one at the end of Ramadan and another one after that for about three month. Actually, we do not have dead celebration, but we have similar habit like what American do in Halloween, such as dress up new clothes and get candy. First celebration happens after Ramadan finch and predestines for five days. We celebrate that day after one month of fasting. This celebration day called Eid Al-Fiter that mean in Arabic breakfast celebration. In Ramadan we do not eat in the morning, but in this Eid we should eat in the morning. In those five days every family goes to visit their relative. Also, they have wonderful habits that give children and young money especially from your close relative, such as your uncles. In fact, many children and I am one of them wait this Eid to collect the money and save it until we have enough money to buy what weI want. We hate that when we grow up many of our family stop gives us money. Many children hope they do not grow up to take every years money from their family. But in this Eid we do not have candy corn like in Halloween; we have many kind of candy. Second one called Eid al-Haaj many people in my country call it meat days because we eat meat in this celebration. In this day every family at least they Slaughter one sheep. Then, they divided the meat to three part one for the home, one for your relative, and the last one for poor people. It is really great idea to do this, I hope every country do that to reduce the poverty. In conclusion, we have only two celebrations, but every family involve on it. They wait for it one year to do traditional habit. In US not everyone celebrate Halloween I do not know why.

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Anna said...

I am one of those people that do not celebrate Halloween and I don't because I do not like it's origins. It conflicts with my Faith. Also, the ways that many Americans celebrate it is very wrong to me so I just chose to not participate in the holiday anymore.