Saturday, November 22, 2008

Difference between US and Saudi Arabia in food

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I think the food between those countries is very different. I see the US people like the fast food more than another kind of food. In the US they like steak, but in Saudi Arabia people like to eat meat with rice, such as kabsah, mathlotha, mandy. And araby. I think both of US and Saudi foods are unhealthy because they contain a lot of fat. I like to see the US and Saudi Arabian people eat more salads than other stuff. In fact, the spices are different also because I am suffering here to find some kind of spice. Also when I find it, it is very expensive. The interesting thing is that a lot of restaurants in my country are from the US, such as Applebee’s , McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. The problem is that many children in Saudi Arabia like those kinds of restaurants, which are unhealthy for them. Finally, the traditional Arabic food is very difficult to make, so here sometimes I want to make some but I cannot. I think I should have learned how to do it before I came here to the US. In conclusion, both countries have good food, but it depends on what you are used to eating and on your personality of eating.

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pictures of jeddah said...

I know that Saudi food is full of fats but I like it, it is tasty and not unhealthy like foods in subcontinent. You may know that foods in subcontinent are full of spices.