Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My favorite dish

FE # 6

My favorite food is Maasoob because I like it very much. Maasoob is a traditional food in Saudi Arabia. When I eat Maasoob, I remember all my co-workers because we eat it in the morning at the work. Maasoob is a kind of dessert, but it is not dessert because in my country we eat it as a breakfast. It is sweet because it contains bread, dates, banana, cream, honey, and cheese. This kind of food is easy to make, but it is not easy for people who eat it to move, so be careful. First, cut the special bread, which is made of wheat, to small pieces and also cut the banana of very small pieces. Second, we should mash up the bread, dates, and banana together. After that, we can add the cream and honey on top of it. Be careful when you eat Maasoob, because it may make you fat. One dish is enough for three people because if you eat just three spoons pit of it, I think you feel full, but because it is very tasty; you cannot stop eating it. I really miss waiting my turn in line in my country when I order some Maasoob from the famous restaurant. Actually I try to make it here in the U.S., but it does not have the same taste. I think this food does not look good when you see it, but it is very delicious food when you try to eat it.

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Technology Consultant said...

You are right about Maasoob, it is a great dish. Here in Jeddah there is a resturant that is speciallized in this food called Abuzaid Resturant. I often go there and try this food and it is so delicious. I also tried making it in home and it was closer to what we eat in Resturant.